Big Rock arrma nero buying/making IS IT WORTH IT?

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  1. BigRock
  2. Fazon
  3. Granite
  4. Kraton 8S
  5. Kraton EXB
  6. Nero
  7. Outcast 8s
  8. Raider
  9. Voltage
Im a Nero fanboy for lots of reasons.
The diffs being my favorite.
The red can Nero motor is also one of my favorites. I parted a couple Neros just to have their cans, lol.
The Fazon is absolutely beautiful how the front bumper flows into the body. Imo, it has the best lines of any rc built.

I seen someone here mention having a new BR theyd sell for like $800-$900, crs. They were overseas tho. Seems to be the going rate. If I were to sell one of mine, it'd be at least that.
Sure wish I kept even half the Neros I used to have. They was just another rig back then, lol.