Arrma Nero Diffs

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If you thought the Arrma Kraton differentials where big and tough, the new Arrma Nero diffs look pretty much bulletproof. Much larger than even the Kraton diffs and certainly dwarf the differentials found in the Arrma Granite.

Love the full metal design of the new Arrma Nero diffs and the ability to easily and quickly access both the front and rear diff is a very nice touch. Will certainly make working on the diffs far easier than other RC's out there.





Wow those things are big. I sure hope the Nero turns out to be a great basher.

It's interesting how they sealed the diff cup up by using two O-rings on the locking side of the diff. A smaller inner O-ring for around the out drive shaft and a bigger one that is held in place in the diff cup by the sun gear. If you looked inside the diff cup in would look like a bulls eye target.
The diffs in this truck are massive, compared to others i have seen, working on smart diff install. Wondering about how to route the wires for the front. Already broke wires off one servo when i test fit it in and pulled it out it was stuck and i pulled wires right out of tiny servo.... so im waiting to put center locker in but want to get others done. Any one having issues with wireing routes?
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