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Arrma Nero Manuals and Exploded views

Arrma Nero BLX 6s Manual: Nero Manual (mirror)

Arrma Nero BLX 6s Exploded Parts: Nero Exploded (mirror)

Arrma Nero Parts List

AR220037 - Shock Maintenance Set (2 Pairs)
AR220038 - Diff Maintenance Set (1 Diff)
AR310476 - 15t Mod1 Pinion Gear (1pc)
AR310536 - Center Gearbox Case Set
AR310537 - Differential Case Set Front Or Rear
AR310540 - Locking Diff Grommet (3pcs)
AR310541 - Diff Gasket (6pcs)
AR310548 - Diff Ring Gear 32t Straight (1pc)
AR310549 - Input Gear 10t (1pc)
AR310552 - Diff Outdrives (2pcs)
AR310554 - Cross Shaft Insert (4pcs)
AR310555 - Steel Diff Outdrive Universal Joint (2pcs)
AR310556 - Driveshaft End Locking Pin (2pcs)
AR310558 - Diff Case Alloy (1pc)
AR310562 - Slider Driveshaft 80mm (2pcs)
AR310563 - Slider Driveshaft 53mm (1pc)
AR310564 - Slider Driveshaft 41mm (1pc)
AR310566 - Gearbox Input Shaft (1pc)
AR310569 - Centre Gearbox Gear Set
AR310577 - Spur Gear Mod1 46t (1pc)
AR310583 - Driveshaft Boots (4pcs)
AR310606 - Slipper Clutch Spring & Plates
AR310609 - Slipper Pad (Aluminium 3pcs)
AR310610 - Driveshaft Pin Retaining Ring (8pcs)
AR320209 - Small Body Clip (Black) (10pcs)
AR320243 - Front Bulkhead Set
AR320244 - Rear Bulkhead Set
AR320245 - Front Roll Hoop Set
AR320246 - Middle Roll Hoop Set
AR320247 - Rear Roll Hoop Set
AR320248 - Radio Box Set
AR320251 - Front And Rear Bumper Set
AR320252 - Front And Rear Shock Mount And Radio Tray
AR320260 - Tvp Frame Aluminium (Red) (1pc)
AR320261 - Bulkhead Mid-Front Aluminium (Red) (1pc)
AR320262 - Bulkhead Mid-Rear Aluminium (Red) (1pc)
AR320263 - Motor Mount Aluminium (Red) (1pc)
AR320264 - Suspension Brace Aluminium (Red) (2pcs)
AR320265 - Cable Routing Set
AR320267 - Right Battery Box
AR320278 - Body Clip Large (Black) (10pcs)
AR320279 - Aluminium Centre Diff Cams (Red) (2pcs)
AR320281 - Battery Door And Release Set (1 Pair)
AR320282 - Skidplate Front/Rear/Centre Set
AR320283 - Steering Skidplate Set
AR320327 - Left Battery Box
AR320346 - High Airflow Centre Skidplate Set
AR320362 - Bumper Mounting Plate (2pcs)
AR330208 - Shock Bladder (4pcs)
AR330331 - Front Lower Suspension Arms (1 Pair)
AR330332 - Front Upper Suspension Arms (1 Pair)
AR330333 - Rear Lower Suspension Arms (1 Pair)
AR330334 - Rear Upper Suspension Arms (1 Pair)
AR330335 - Hub Nut (Red) (10pcs)
AR330336 - Rockers (1 Pair)
AR330337 - Shock Cap Set (1 Pair)
AR330338 - Shock Rod End Set (1 Pair)
AR330339 - Shock Piston Set (1 Pair)
AR330340 - Shock Shaft 4x60mm (2pcs)
AR330341 - Aluminium Shock Body 16x52mm (Red) (2pcs)
AR330342 - Rubber Shock Boot 40mm (Black) (2pcs)
AR330347 - Shock Spring: 65mm (420gf/Mm) (2pcs)
AR330353 - Hinge Pin 4x83mm (2pcs)
AR330354 - Hinge Pin 4x79mm (2pcs)
AR330355 - Ball 3x7x10mm (4pcs)
AR330357 - Ball 3x7x8mm (2pcs)
AR330358 - Wheel Axle Universal Joint (2pcs)
AR330359 - Aluminium Wheel Hex (Red) (2pcs)
AR330360 - Aluminium Wheel Nut 17mm (Red) (4pcs)
AR330361 - Steering Block (1 Pair)
AR330362 - Rocker Posts (2pcs)
AR330363 - Pushrod Link 5x103mm (2pcs)
AR330364 - Pivot Ball 5x14x34mm (3pcs)
AR330365 - Rear Hub (1 Pair)
AR330366 - Composite Spacer Set
AR340092 - Steering Parts Set
AR340093 - Ball Joint Set
AR340094 - Servo Saver Metal Parts Set
AR340098 - Servo Saver Spring (1pc)
AR340099 - Ball 3x5.8x6.5mm (2pcs)
AR340100 - Steel Turnbuckle 3x55mm (1pc)
AR340101 - Steel Turnbuckle 5x115mm (2pcs)
AR390001 - Antenna Pipe Set
AR390103 - Ads-08 Diff Locking Servo Set
AR390139 - Ads-15m V2 15kg Waterproof Servo (Red)
AR390149 - Ads-15m V2 Metal Gear Set
AR390160 - Edc Diff Brain
AR390173 - Blx200 Brushless 1/8 Scale Mt 6s Esc
AR390174 - Blx4075 2000kv Brushless 1/8 Scale 4 Pole Motor
AR390178 - Body Clip Retainers 1/8 Scale (Black, 4pcs)
AR390196 - Female To Male Jr 150mm Servo Extension
AR390199 - Battery Connector Xt90 (Female, 2pcs)
AR390200 - Battery Connector Xt90 (Male, 2pcs)
AR406029 - Nero 6s Blx Painted Decaled Trimmed Body Shell (Blue) (1pc)
AR550010 - Dboots 'Sand Scorpion Mt 6s' Tire Set Glued (Black) (2pcs)
AR610007 - Ball Bearing 12x18x4mm (2pcs)
AR610016 - Ball Bearing 8x16x5mm (2pcs)
AR610019 - Ball Bearing 5x11x4mm (2pcs)
AR610020 - Ball Bearing 6x11x4mm (2pcs)
AR610021 - Ball Bearing 6x19x6mm (2pcs)
AR610023 - Ball Bearing 7x19x6mm (2pcs)
AR610024 - Ball Bearing 7x22x7mm (2pcs)
AR610025 - Ball Bearing 9x17x5mm (2pcs)
AR708001 - Flange Lock Nut M4 Black (4pcs)
AR709003 - Washer M3x8x0.5mm (10pcs)
AR709014 - Washer 3.4x5.9x0.5mm (10pcs)
AR709029 - Washer 3.4x7x0.5mm (4pcs)
AR709034 - Washer M4x12x0.3mm (10pcs)
AR709035 - Washer M7x12x0.3mm (6pcs)
AR709036 - Washer M7x18x0.3mm (4pcs)
AR709037 - Washer 6x10x0.5mm (10pcs)
AR713012 - Pin 2x9mm (4pcs)
AR713014 - Pin 3x17mm (4pcs)
AR713015 - Pin 1.5x38mm (4pcs)
AR713016 - Pin 2.5x10mm (4pcs)
AR715001 - Nylon Nut M3 (4pcs)
AR715008 - Nylon Nut M2.5 (4pcs)
AR716012 - O-Ring 18x1mm (4pcs)
AR716014 - O-Ring 7x1.5mm (4pcs)
AR716016 - O-Ring 3.4x2mm (4pcs)
AR716019 - O-Ring 18x1.2mm (4pcs)
AR716020 - O-Ring 11x1mm (4pcs)
AR721205 - Button Head Screw M2x5mm (10pcs)
AR721306 - Button Head Screw M3x6mm (10pcs)
AR721308 - Button Head Hex Machine Screw M3x8mm (10pcs)
AR721310 - Button Head Hex Machine Screw M3x10mm (10pcs)
AR721312 - Button Head Hex Machine Screw M3x12mm (10pcs)
AR721316 - Button Head Screw M3x16mm (10pcs)
AR721318 - Button Head Screw M3x18mm (10pcs)
AR721320 - Button Head Hex Machine Screw M3x20mm (10pcs)
AR721325 - Button Head Hex Machine Screw M3x25mm (10pcs)
AR721330 - Button Head Screw M3x30mm (4pcs)
AR721410 - Button Head Screw M4x10mm (4pcs)
AR721414 - Button Head Screw M4x14mm (4pcs)
AR722305 - Flat Head Hex Machine Screw M3x5mm (10pcs)
AR722308 - Flat Head Hex Machine Screw M3x8mm (10pcs)
AR722312 - Flat Head Hex Machine Screw M3x12mm (10pcs)
AR722416 - Flat Head Hex Machine Screw M4x16mm (4pcs)
AR723316 - Cap Head Hex Machine Screw M3x16mm (4pcs)
AR723320 - Cap Head Hex Machine Screw M3x20mm (4pcs)
AR723335 - Cap Head Hex Machine Screw M3x35mm (4pcs)
AR723606 - Cap Head Hex Machine Screw M1.6x6mm (4pcs)
AR724203 - Set Screw M2x3mm (10pcs)
AR724404 - Set Screw M4x4mm (10pcs)

Also available, parts list and exploded view in excel format here.

Arrma Nero Optional Parts

AR310473 - 12t Mod1 Pinion Gear (1pc)
AR310474 - 13t Mod1 Pinion Gear (1pc)
AR310475 - 14t Mod1 Pinion Gear (1pc)
AR310477 - 16t Mod1 Pinion Gear (1pc)
AR310478 - 17t Mod1 Pinion Gear (1pc)
AR310479 - 18t Mod1 Pinion Gear (1pc)
AR310480 - 19t Mod1 Pinion Gear (1pc)
AR310481 - 20t Mod1 Pinion Gear (1pc)
AR310482 - 21t Mod1 Pinion Gear (1pc)
AR310483 - 22t Mod1 Pinion Gear (1pc)
AR310737 - Hd Wheel Axle Universal Joint (2pcs)
AR310738 - Hd Steel Diff Outdrive Universal Joint (2pcs)
AR320255 - Wheelie Bar Set
AR340102 - Aluminum Servo Horn 25t (Red) (1pc)
AR340103 - Aluminum Servo Horn 24t (Red) (1pc)
AR340104 - Aluminum Servo Horn 23t (Red) (1pc)
AR390141 - Ads Grommets (4pcs)
AR390147 - Ads Metal Gear Servo Case (Red) (1pc)
AR390195 - Male Xt90 To Female T-Plug Charging Adaptor
AR390201 - Male Xt90 To 4mm 'Banana' Plug Charging Adaptor
AR390213 - Blx200 Replacement Fan (1pc)
AR406007 - Nero 6s Blx Clear Bodyshell (Inc. Decals)
AR406030 - Nero 6s Blx Painted Decaled Trimmed Body Shell (Green) (1pc)