Arrma Nero Wheelie Bar Test

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I have the tbone wheelie bar... i was looking at this one but it was out of stock. Looks.nice and solid. also adjustable? Love my tbone it will definatly save the body some... i will have some video as i get my suspension pushrods fixed and cant wait to see how tis arrma one holds up. Im probably gonna buy a second nero.without diffbrain just so when my buddy comes over and his erevo breaks a diff he has a good truck to run lol. I will be watching to see what you think and its durability over the next few weeks.
I originally ordered the ARRMA one but it was on backorder - Ive since discovered the TBONE Racing wheelie Bar and immediately jumped on it. Nice and wiiiiide ...and glued on foam filled Knobbies.I just got the aroma one and will keep as a backup.

Have fun out there!


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I suggest puting a washer on the bottom screw at very rear if your running tbone... mine pulled thru on the first run... not completley thru but one more run would have done it... i just got my replacement and i actuly spoke with a gentelman at tbone and told him what happened and it is doing same on my feont bumper of kraton. I added washers to that and i will be adding washersto the replacement i got on friday. Ive been out all weekend. Tomorrow i get pushrod ends, kraton ring and pinions, and butt load of parts for the vaterra halix i picked up dirt cheap and some rpm rear hub carriers for my stampede... i am gonna have a busey coue nights getting everthing in running order.
Word of warning as I've found at today you need to put loctite on the screws holding on the wheels, The left rear due to the way the wheels run on the wheelie bar, unscrews itself! Just thought that worth mentioning.
First thing I gotta do is get a NERO...My Fazon came with one.
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