Arrma Raider XL paddle

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2.2 Sand Paw works quite well. Running a set of these on Axial 2.2 Walker Evans IFD Beadlock, paired with 2.2/3.0 mohawks (on splix six beadlocks front).

Does look a tad small compared to stock XL wheel, but entirely makes up for this by transforming the sand driving characteristic. Raider stock tires on sand is a blast, but involves much wheel spin. While sand rooster tails are impressive and entertaining, once you try dedicated sand tires, I doubt you'll go back. ;)

Couple of caveats. My brushed 1/10 mega didn't have the power to turn sand paws. I've since upgraded to BLX motor & ESC and couldn't be happier. Buddy's stock Raider XL BLX does just fine with the 2.2 Sand Paws. Is an absolute rocket! However, with the extra grip, stock plastic input gear blew out in just a few runs. Metal input gear since installed (AR310016).

Another option is the Proline SlingShots. I'm running a 2.2/3.0 set of these on Split Six beadlocks. These are a tad more narrow than the 2.2 slingshots, but work just as well in the sand. Thinking it's mostly a aesthetic choice between the two. I'm only a few batteries in on the slingshots/slitsix and Proline doesn't recommend the SlitSix beadlocks with brushless power (due to the single sided, 6-screw design of this beadlock), so I can't confirm this combination will work long term. There are plenty of 2.2/3.0 non-beadlock options if you don't mind gluing.

Hope this helps. Happy sand blasting!

PS - Attaching a list I made when considering Proline sand and street tries. Should all be correct dimensions, although always good idea to double-check specs against Proline's site before ordering.


  • Proline Sand & Street Tire SIZES.JPG
    Proline Sand & Street Tire SIZES.JPG
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Wow, thanks for the information. This helps a lot. Also for tires in general.

I came accross the yellow rc buggy sand paddles in the meantime (SAND WHEELS COMPLETE-REAR - YEL17310) however and will give it a go on the ski slopes soon. Might not be the best but ok for the first try. I'll share the experience!
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