Arrma senton 3sblx

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I just got a arrma senton 3s blx not to long ago and on a 3s LiPo batter it only lasts about 10-15 min on full charge and some times even shorter and
What is the mAh size of your lipo? Also how are you running it...full speed, short blips, and on what terrain? Same truck.
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5200 but my friend has the same truck and battery and his last a whole hour but i mostly just bash in my yard
I'm hour on a 5200 seems incredibly long. I have a 6900 and lucky to get 15 to 20 myself.
Hmmmm good point...lvc may be set to high.

Possibly set too-high, or perhaps a high-resistance electrical connection is causing a large voltage drop. Or LiPos that are performing poorly might be producing a large voltage-sag under a load.

If the packs are at 3.5V/cell resting voltage, then we know they're definitely being deeply discharged. But if they measure 3.8V on the charger, then there's still a lot left in the packs, and maybe something else is contributing to the problem.
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