Arrma Talion diff removal video

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This is video is actually titled for the Durango DEX8T diff removal, but being that the Durango DEX8T and Arrma Talion are essentially the same thing (the Durango are more hopped up) I figured I'd post it here.

How to remove Arrma Talion diff

Well i just took my diffs out and topped of the fluid / went to a higher cst. went 7k front, 20k center, ~8.5-9k rear. ran a mix of the 7k and 10k for the rear to give it a little higher consistency then the front but not a major change over the stock. Now i can't wait for saturday to go play around and see how the car handles. testing it out in the basement i noticed that just the fact i topped everything off was noticeable.

Oh and thanks again @WoodiE for the vid. I have to say the Talion has a really easy means of changing the diff fluid.
Do you have any problems with your tires ballooning after changing the diff fluids.
Ok, so i topped off the fluid in my front diff for the first time since having my Talion.
I used 7k for the front (and 10k for mid, btw).
Of course i forgot to check the situation before and after, but is it normal that the front wheels turn now with much more difficulty than the rear wheels (which I have not topped off and are still on factory level)?
Probably a stupid question, just trying to get my knowledge up to speed...
I run 10 k front 150 k center and 7k tear. Works well.
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