Talion arrma talion diffs oil

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Honestly i can't remember, I know i have it written down somewhere in my manual or a word document but I can't find it anywhere. I do recall that i did put some thicker diff oil in I just for the life of me can't remember what it was rated at.

Found this chart about diffs oil
Would like to share it might help someone else
I can't find my notes for you @ARRMAgeddon but i seem to recall i left my front fluid stock, went thicker in my center diff and a little thicker in rear diff over stock.
Must i removed the air bubbles on the difss?
Like the oil shocks?
And how would i go removing those air bubbles
Let it sit over night?
I installed 10,10,5 in mine but it's way to thin. My losi 8ight-t E 3.0 has (if I recall correctly ) 7,10,3 in it and they feel way stiffer. My losi on 6s will pull wheelies where my talion will not. Guess I'm going to try 15,20,10 and see if it feels better
I put 200k in the center diff of the Senton and can notice only a small difference. Less ballooning on the front tires under hard takeoff, but nothing crazy. Very very hard to wheelie, only in limited circumstances.

I have been on concrete, grass and hard pack dirt and have noticed zero downsides. May step up to 300k or 500k.
I run 500k centre and 100k front and rear in my kraton...
There are people who run 2 million cst in centre diff and they like it very much.
Just try and stick with what u like
What brand of diff oil do you use? I use CMLR pure silicone oil of the following weights:- 10k;7k;5k;3k or1k. I haven't a clue what these weights compare to on the other side of the pond,but they have always worked well in my Kyosho Inferno 1/8th buggy.
Come to think of it,you would require a heavier value diff oil than we do here in Europe,as your temperatures are very much higher than they are here. The average outside temperature here is only around 16 degrees C,with an average in winter of 5 degrees C or lower. This will really affect the viscosity of the oil in both the shocks and the diffs.
I use hudy oils..
Weights oil differ from brand to brand... thats why i only buy oils with the cst value on it..
Hi. What the best diff oil for me? I post picture of my wheels.


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