Arrma teaser for june 2016

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Arrma RC's
Arrma released a teaser for propably a smart diff function. The teased product will be released in june...

Funny is the fact that also in june some new versions of the arrma cars will be released like the kraton 2016.

Could it be?......

Defenitely would be cool!

would be almost to good to be trough to find these in the updated cars already.
Marketing and financially for arrma it would be smarter to sell them separate, because it will bring in more money.

We just have to wait i guess :D
If we look in the vid it seems like a whole new car. TVP chassi, wich seems BEEFY as few. ESC location is different , brace over motor..
[DOUBLEPOST=1462513454][/DOUBLEPOST]People searched for info on patent, this is what i have found

Locking Differential Gear Carrier Having an Integrated Locking Actuator - Patent application
New teaser dropped today, hard to tell what vehicle it is. Maybe a new granite?

[DOUBLEPOST=1463065735][/DOUBLEPOST]Watching it a few more times you can kind of tell that it's an monster truck. So either 4wd granite or a true 1/8th MT
Looks a bit like a truggy to me... a monstertruck doesn't ride so fast that you have to be affraid as they praise this vehicle...
Altough i hope its a 1/5 1/6 scale monstertruck but too bad it isnt lol..
We have to wait until june to be sure :D
I wonder if they are bringing out an Xmaxx competitor, or atleast a larger truck. Why would they release a new version of the kraton and then right after a new 1/8th MT as direct competition?
Bigsplit, i hope you are so right haha...
Im thinking of buying an xmaxx but its a bit overpriced for what you get imo..
That would be awesome!
If it was a 1/8 full on monster truck, like the Nitro Circus Basher, I think it would be both a X-max competitor, and not take too much Kraton traffic..

But I don't think it will a "true" high COG monster truck. Wheels in the vid were small. Truggy sized. Plus who is gonna run a high COG monster truck at 60+ MPH? The truck in that vid was hauling!
Im super xcited what they will show us. It was hauling serious!. The look of the 2nd vid it have some beefy TVP chassi. ESC mounted different, habe no idea what motor it is..looking very red and the inbuilt zink are clear metal on the edge, nice bracket at the rear of motor going from aide to side. The lid in the last one looking Squar'ish and tires..hard to tell. However i am sure it will rock
Have a feeling this new truck competing Traxxas E-REVO
This truck is 1/6th scale thats what i heard about it
Might be two speed also
And locking differential

I think this will compete with the xmaxx
I assume the purpose of having a locking differential for better acceleration. I am guessing there must be an onboard computer controls the locking differential that operated by a servo.
Correct me if I'm wrong.
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