Arrma Truck Suspension Arm (Front)

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Does anyone know if anyone makes this part in Aluminum? AR330225 - Arrma Truck Suspension Arm Set (Front).

Does anyone know if anyone makes this part in Aluminum? AR330225 - Arrma Truck Suspension Arm Set (Front).

I've not seen anyone make aluminum a-arms for the Arrma Granite and honestly this isn't a bad thing either. Rarely is it a good idea to run aluminum a-arms.
Aluminium A-arms in general is indeed a bad thing.
Where most plastic arms will flex, and either flex back or break on a crash.
Aluminium A-arms will not flex or break but bend and become unusable instead.
I tried running a pair on my Stampede 4x4 as I broke 3 pairs of plastic front arms in little over a month.
The aluminium ones lasted 2 packs before one of them bent and I could throw away $35 worth of parts, which I also could get 3 spare sets of plastic arms for.
So I always have front A-arms as a spare for any car I run nowadays :)

Aluminium parts are a nice option for a lot of places on a vehicle, A-arms are not one of that places :)
Thank you guys. All of that makes perfect sense. I ran my truck twice and broke two A-Arms. I am not even bashing or jumping at this point, so I was just thinking there had to be something better (Not saying the truck hasn't had a few flips). I ordered a couple sets this morning. Maybe the T-Bone bumper would be a good pick up as well.

Thanks for everyone's feedback. I truly appreciate it.

I have heard that boiling plastic parts helps in making them more flexible. Less likely to brake.
T bone racing bumper has saved my truck and a arms since I installed it. Except for my 10 year old cousin hitting a basketball pole the other day.
I've broken them numerous times. But I'm really hard on my granite. My problem now is finding the front a arms everything seems to be on back order or out of stock. Anybody know a place that has them for sure?
Go to this website...
Look for

    • rpm-81392-1.jpg
    • rpm-81392-3.jpg

  1. RPM Front Upper & Lower Suspension Arm Set Black For ARRMA 1/10 RC Car #81392
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