Vorteks Arrma Vorteks Boost 4x2

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Am I right in saying the speed pinion is a 20tooth buddy ???
Yes 20t. Doesn’t need it, it was fine on 18t but mine came loose and destroyed the grub screw.
Am I right in saying the speed pinion is a 20tooth buddy ???
Yes it is. The 3S vorteks comes with an 18 tooth pinion installed and an additional 20 tooth pinion which is the speed gear. Stock motor is 3200kv with 100amp ESC. The KV on your motor is a good bit higher so probably an 18 tooth is plenty good enough for you speed pinion. For general off road bashing I suggest a 14t…15t max otherwise you’ll have a lot of issues with heat and some cogging.
Thanks for the heads up buddy it came today 🙂

I also ordered the 25 tooth servo saver and that's come to .



More parts have come in now and tomorrow the car is due to be delivered, exceptionally excited now .
Just waiting on my Motor and ESC to turn up and then Ill get wrenching .

Decided not to run it stock and keep the stock electrics clean and new and I'm planning on buying a cheap roller for my daughter and then pop them in there for her.



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Hey guys , so I'm eagerly waiting on my Vortkes Boost to land and have been looking for reviews on YouTube. Hopping for some of the big guys to get one up asap .
Stumbled across this guy posted today .
Now I can't wait , I've already ordered a brushless motor and 80a ESC combo from Surpass a 3650 3900kv , a bunch of pinions, some alloy parts also and just about to order the boost 4x4 upgrade and not even got the car yet lol .
Going to run it stock and get a feel for it first then start upgrading .
Plan is to have it 4x4 running on 3s

Also anyone got any ideas what receiver I need once I've upgraded the motor and ESC ????
While I'm here any other suggestions upgrade wise ?????

I know that basically this is will be a more expensive way of getting a blx performance eventually but I'm just coming back from a 16 year break from RC and after the amount of money I spent on 1/10th touring cars ( team xray ) I used running in modified classes I just want to enjoy the hobby and slowly get the car to were I'm happy and not break the bank outright .

Hello , if you want to keep using the spektrum transmitter. Pick up a spektrum slr300 receiver. I think these can be purchased for around £10-£15 pounds . You should be able to mount this in the receiver box under the esc . This is what the Arrma mega range used before they went 2 in 1 esc on the boost line .
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