ArrmaForum Decals Available!

My Kraton EXB


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We now have more ArrmaForum decals available in both the 2x1" and 4x2" sizes.

If you want a set of ArrmaForum decals all you need to do is send me a PM, with your name and shipping address and I'll send you a set of both sizes!

Please reply here with pictures of your RC's with the ArrmaForum decals proudly displayed :D ;)
Thanks woodie I got mine
Several of you have requested decals and I FINALLY have more I can ship out. Just picked up a new batch so they will be going out tomorrow morning!
Uh that would be awesome Woodie ☺️
Got 3 bodies that missing the Arrma forum decals, they normally gain 10mph 😜😜😜