ArrmaForum reaches 1,000 members!

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Heck HEAH! I'm one of the original 1000 founding members. We need a special handshake or something.
Hey! Shouldn't he get a prize or something, my Mom got a new Chevy Cavalier back in the 80's for being the 30,000 person at Disneyland one time. True story!
How many to 2000?
An amazing achievement considering the current status of social media! Well done @WoodiE!!!

Even in one of the blogs on BigSquidRC they noticed the shift from the good old fora to Facebook groups and Instagram in 2016.

Personally I think the forum concept is still the best, considering you can find information without first having to be added to a group.

Another thing: I sense (without any raw data to confirm) that more than 75% of the members have a 1/8 scaler from Arrma. I base that on the number of threads specifically for these trucks.

Should I upgrade my RC garage accordingly? :cool:
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