Typhon Arrma's tiny radio box...


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I am really getting tired of the tiny Arrma radio box. i am thinking of pulling it, and just velcroing the Rx down to the chassis. I do this with every other RC I own, only my arrma's have this PITA box.

If it was a Nitro car, with the chance of fuel spilling everywhere, I could see the need for a box. Or for something like a Traxxas Stampede that will probably go mudding a few times a month. But for my Arrma's that almost never see wet running, I don't see the point.

Anyone else ditch the Rx box? Any pitfalls i am overlooking?



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I agree. It's tiny. Wouldn't fit my Traxxas receiver in there but switched over to Futaba and my R304SB just barely fits! You can dremel the lip out of the back section to make a little more room if that helps. Where I run, we often have hidden puddles, so I need the protection, plus we also have rocks all over the place that get into the chassis.
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