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Hello everyone. Im new to the forum but had my fury since the first gen came out. I do have a question. We are starting a oval track here in town and was wondering if there is anyone on here running on asphault? I seem not to be able to get the set up right. The track is a very fast 1/16th mile D shaped oval. Im running a velenion system and a 2 cell. But want to set it up with a late model body. So low and fast. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.
What's up Sturh28 First I want to welcome you to the arrma forum and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I have and like the rest of the guys here,so I have never ran a oval track but to start I guess you will need to drop the truck that means shocks and tires I recommend bsr foam tires for 1/8 buggy and then you need to get the 17mm adapters from 12mm to 17mm then you get the body so you can adjusted to the proper height and then you twick with the suspension accordingly to the track and you should be pretty good too start keeping in mind then you should change the pinion and spur gears to 32p from 48p because if I am not mistaken you are running on 48p gears so yeah I would change them.
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Thanks for the info. But what does changing to a 32p gearing gunna do? Yes mine does have the 48p. I guess im confused on why changing the pitch of the gears instead of gear size.
By changing to a bigger pitch last longer holds tons of torque plus it's easier to find better combos even though 48p is good for 2s it's harder to get them in steel because once you go to 3s and higher you definitely will see the difference so yeah you don't have to change the pitch.
The easiest thing to do another more suitable car! ;)

The Fury is an off road car with large suspension travel and high bottom clearance.

Change tires is step one. This will give you tons of grip if chosen correctly. Indeed this should be race pedigree on-road tires.

Step two is the most time consuming one: make your off-road car a on-road car!

lower the ride, shorten the shocks (replace them might be the best option. And add sway bars (anti roll bars) front and rear.

somebody already put a how to online on our forum how to add sway bars to your Fury. Unfortunately there is no upgrade kit available for a Fury, so you have to built them yourself, as explained in the howto.

Step 3: Tune your car for the track. Camber, toe in etcetera. And mind that an oval means cornering only in one direction. NASCAR's for example do not drive in a straight line when for better handling on an oval.

Evan an option to consider is to lock the diff complete, as you see in RC F-1 and NASCAR
What's up! Sturh28 just wondering how did it go for you? And if you made the changes for oval would like to see pics. At my local track I've seen (traxx) converted for oval tracks.that's good you got something else for the competition and it's not already made so it makes it more unique not main stream go FURY!!!
As a parking lot/dirt oval basher I can say the Duratrax Banditos have been good thus far as oval tires, predictable with good grip on blacktop. The other big thing I would recommend outside the sway bars and adjustable caster and camber links would be some nicer shocks which give the car a much more predictable entrance when setting for the corner as well as consistency throughout. I ended up using the integy ones mentioned in the aluminum shock thread.

I use 32P 15T/57T gears based on the upgrade path for the BLX, coupled with the Castle 3800kv SCT kit on 2S have been a great combo.
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