ATX-300 compatible receivers???

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My 8yo daughter wants an RC and she's left-handed.

As part of her build, I recently bought a used ATX-300 but it didn't have the ARX-300 receiver. I am having problems finding an ARX-300 receiver, the only ones I've found are in AUS and the store won't ship to the USA.

So two questions:

1 - Are there any other receivers (Arrma or otherwise) that will bind and work with the ATX-300 Transmitter???

2 - Does anyone have an extra ARX-300 they want to sell???

Please shoot me any email: [email protected]




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I think you may have a hard time with that one. There's next to no support left for that Tx. I understand a lefty radio is important for you. Lurk Ebay every day, you may get lucky enough to find a Tx/Rx together. Rx in general usually fail before the Tx. Probably why you got the used Tx without the Rx. It was never a popular Radio set unfortunately. And not the best reception with much input latency as radio sets go..But as long as it works for you...keep looking. :cool: