Infraction Axel on passenger front seems loose

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Axle (can rock forward or back moving the drive shaft) the other side does not any advice

Arrma Infraction 3s Blx 1/8
Idk I doubt it's like 2 weeks old don't drive it every day might have met a curb or 3 sideways
Check for hairline cracks in the arms or maybe a bent hinge pin? Also, check the pillow ball. I think you have something that “gives” on that side.
It seemed like the large inside bearing was all the way down on the Axel carrier it didn't stay inside the steering knuckle like I'm used too put it back on the have just enough room for the Axel pin. Hinge pin is straight everything seems solid other than the Axel can move back and forth
Oh, ok. Often the hubs need shims to reduce that. Shim until the hub pin is basically sitting on the shim. (Shim on the outside of the hub against the bearing, until the hub pin is contacting the shim.). That should remove the slop.
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