Back from MIA... what did I miss?

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So I was away from here, and pretty much all R/C for the past few months... Mostly because I was spending the time interviewing and getting a new job (while still working) - in the end it all worked out, have a great new job and have settled in very well.

When I left, the NERO was the newest rig and what made me drool, although seeing random problems with the diff-lock servos not always working correctly made me trigger shy on purchase... I come back on here to find ARRMA has what looks like 2 new rigs, Outcast & Fazon - correct? Other than reading through specs, anyone care to share their opinions on how the drive/handle, mostly in comparison to a Nero or Kraton? Because now I have to choose one of the three :D
Glad to have you back @OrangeDRAGON and happy to hear the new job is going well.

So yeah you missed a few things. Nero has three models now. The Nero, the Big Rock, and now the newest the Fazon. Think of the Fazon as a Nero that's been designed on speed runs. In addition Arrma has released an Outcast which is essentially the @Thomas P short wheel base mod of his Kraton which means it's still pretty much bullet proof but can do forward and backflips on demand.

There's been several videos shared of the Outcast and some of the Fazon as well in the Gallery.
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