Balance cable splitters?

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Has anyone run across any balance cable splitters/Y cables? Basically a balance board, but without the whole board - something to simply split the (6S) balance connector into just like a balance board would, but without a big ol' balance board.

If those simple 1S-2S-3S-4S-5S-6S single adapter boards had a daisy chaining 2nd extra 6S connector, it would be perfect, but alas, they do not.
you mean like these:

Yes, I have a 6S balance parallel charging cable, before I got my parallel boards. One example, like mine, with 6 connectors:

Or with just 2 connectors:

Yes! Perfect, thanks... idk why I couldn't find them.

@Diem Turner that is a nice balance board to be sure, but I'm often just charging two big car batteries in a Bat Safe, and having simple Y adapters are just easier to handle trying to fit everything in the box. For quads and small batteries, I'd use a normal one like that.

@polly Those are just to go from 6S to some other count. There's no splitting. Well, I guess technically there is if you wanted parallel charge a 3S and 4S battery together :) (kidding - don't try that)
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