Banggood vs alilexpress

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I ordered from Bang Good before. it took 3 weeks to get my stuff.
Not worried about that part, I’ve made a huge order from CHNL for new batteries and so I’m still waiting for it. Going on almost 3 weeks or 4…
Banggood is a big retail company like Target or Best Buy. They stock inventory and you’re buying from that big company. Predictable experience with consistent customer support.

Ali Express is like eBay. A platform for many small sellers. It’s a good way to find unique products or prices, but your experience will depend on that particular seller.
I have ordered a lot of fishing gear from Ali Express with no problems, just takes awhile to get here.
I've used both. Both are about the same as far as how long it takes to get stuff. And like @dure16 mentioned Banggood is more like the Chinese version of Walmart whereas Aliexpress is like eBay. FWIW I bought my 144001 off Banggood and it showed up in like a week.

That being said I would go with the Rlarllo over the WL Toys or if you want quality without having to deal with proprietary pinion gears and having sealed diffs and slipper instead of a locked spur look at LC Racing.

Comparing the LC Racing cars to the WL Toys cars is like comparing a real XBox to the one off WISH. They are bit more expensive but so worth it
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Used both.
Pick a dealer inside that page that has a lot of reviews and also good ones, that should give you the best protection.
Never had anything get lost, and not one bad experience over many orders.
Expect that tracking will be spotty at best, it might disappear for a week if it's stuck in customs. 2-3 week total is a great timeframe. Never had anything go above 4 weeks. That has nothing to do with 'China' or the site, that is just shipping.
I have bought from banggood and Ali express. No issues with either. You need to know what you’re looking for. Odd thing is lots of times you can get what you’re looking for cheaper at other places.
Good point, lately it's been cheaper or equal on Amazon/eBay, but really depends on the item.
It's all made in China and most have stock in the US already.
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