Kraton Battery cell not going to full charge


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One of my 3s batteries isnt charging one of the cells fully, two of the cells are charging to 4.2v but one cell gets to about 4.18 then starts to go back down, is this a sign of a worn battery and would it be safe to use it if only two of the cells are fully charged and one doesn't. If i leave it to charge like i say it just keeps going down i left it abit longer the other day and it went down to about 4.12 but the other two stayed at 4.2v


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I have a pair of Lipos that are going bad too. One of the battery has a bad cell around 1.5V, so that one is dead. The other takes forever to balance and the cells never seem to reach 4.2V. They seem to only stabilize around 4.17-4.18 after over 90minutes of balance charging from storage voltage. I'm pretty sure this one is dying too.

I'd be interested to hear the advices from the lipo experts here, but from your description it seems rather clear that you have a bad cell that is likely to go below 3V rather soon...and that will be the end of it.

Related question: Is a Lipo with a bad cell (~1.5V) a fire hazard if the other cells are at ~3.8V? The battery is not puffed. I do not think it is dangerous, but I have not found good reliable information on this.


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I had one of these but it was a 2s 5400/50c.
One cell charged fine, the other wouldn’t go over 4.0.
Are used a Tenagy meter and I balanced it over and over again until they were close (The first balance took over an hour) then put it in a storage mode and I balanced it 2 more times and let it sit a month in storage mode.

I pulled it out last week charged it up, balanced, put it down to storage mood again, balanced it and they are now only .02 apart. I’m gonna let it sit a couple of more weeks and check it again.

My issues came about because I was using a bad charger that was unevenly charging the cells. I got a proper charger that balances but I still use the Tenorgy meter after charging because it Balances even better.

I also have taken good advice from people here and put the batteries in to Storage mode after use if I’m not gonna be running them the next day or right away.