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Hey guys I'm the proud new owner of a Nero. I am looking for a set of batteries and a charger. If you guys had the opportunity to buy any set of batteries (high "c" rating) available what would you buy. Also a charger somewhere south of two hundred bucks. Charger must be ac/dc. Thx.
I have the Venom Dual Pro and it works great. You can find it for about $80 if you look around a bit. One thing to note is that while the vertical design with a handle up top is a great idea and it's advertised to save workbench space, it doesn't really because the power cord in the back sticks out as well as all the charging cables in the front, so it ends up taking up just as much if not more space.

both dual chargers and good reviews... venom pro duo and hitec X2 99 bucks (the X4 is great and 200 bucks)
LIPOS....seems SMC are popular to everyone..........I run them as well as power hobby seems lots use an SMC 7600mah 90c.
Thank you for the quick response as well as the info. Any idea if the hard case smc's will fit properly? Or should I opt for the soft pack? Was looking at this charger;browser=eBv9j9BM1LpD4VRTGNRljQ not sure about it though. Also are the max amps batteries really the best choice for batteries. I'm looking at the kits they have. Batteries plus charger for around the same as what I paid for the truck lol.
I've had no issues with this charger other than it showing it putting in more mah than is possible. They also make a dual port one if you don't want or need the 4 ports. The 2 port can be had for under $100. Think I paid $160 for my 4 port.
As far as batteries, I'd also suggest SMC. I run the 5600 3s and 9000 2s. The 7600 3s is 1mm too large but many run them anyway, the tray gives enough to make them fit. So they will be snug. Haven't tried them personally though.
What power supply will you use? Difficult to find 28V. I have 3x12V 1200w power supplys. 3600w of power to my charger. I am a helicopter dude.
what 's funny is this whole rebranding ....quelm's reedy charger he's asking about.....frank's ultra power......and my hitec are essentially the same with cosmetic changes and options...circuitry is well known....They are all made by SKYRC....all great