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too much bashing in my Fury.. Plastic that is the hinge is gone and battery door will not stay on ..
Just ramps on grass.. Between two motors burning up brushed on 8.4 4200 NIMH and dog bone and axle having to be replaced .. Ugh .. Still under 1 year warrenty I guess I need to call Arrma .. Not bad for the money but they seem to break a lot .. but for the money cant beat it and replacement parts are cheap compared to Traxxis... I have two of the same fury .. One is my sons (8) and his has held up wel but there is a flaw in the motor housing where it cracked on both cars.. Arrma sent new motor plate but it's a PAI to put in.. Just my experience with Arrma after 6 months.. Both my 1/10 slash 4x4 brushless on 2S lipo and Rustler Brushed have not had any issued other then a broke lower control arm after 3 years of use (Rustler just got a new motor) .. So it's always that saying you get what you pay for .. Not sure I would drop $700 on that Mac daddy Arrma .... Helion will be my next RC


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