Limitless Bay Area Speed Run Meet up Thanksgiving Weekend?

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Don't sweat it mate, none of us have any friends either :LOL: I just play with myself too.

I figured I'd lend a hand so this thread doesn't look quite as desolate.

Edit: I probably could have worded that a little better but...I'll leave it because it's true.
Thank you. I was just killing the thread.

Really, I don't mind going alone, but it's more fun with others there. After my speed runs I went ran the crawler for a few hours and there were like 10 people there. Some old friends and some new ones.

I think speed running is a bit different than crawling or racing. You mostly compete against yourself, it's not cheap and it takes a lot of time to setup for a short time of fun. I want to go through the car and take some reasonable care, I don't loose a wheel at 100 mph and hurt someone. You lose a wheel on a crawler and everyone has fun with it.
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