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Hey everyone,
Im new to this forum, so i hope i post in the right place.

I have a new raider desert buggy that is running well, however every time I accelerate, it makes a continuous beeping noise like a speaker is near the motor. Is this normal ?
thanks for that, however it seem only zip, txt, pdf, png, jpg, jpeg, and gif files are only accepted.
I have a 6 second iphone video which wont upload :(
Responses ??
Hey labido, I got a mega raider as well and mine does the same thing. I'm guessing it's sending a message from your controller to your esc letting you know your accelerating. .you get used to after awhile. I'm sure one of the older members might know more about it.
Okay, good to hear its "normal".
Thanks alot for that mate.
Yeah, there has gotta be a way of disabling the beep isnt there ?
Ok, so i took the advise and went brushless.
50amp esc and a new brushless motor (combo pack)
I stuck in a 3s lipo and upgraded to a 27t pinion and hitting speeds of 80km/hr.

All was good until i had a bit of a crash today ( the car flipped several times on bituman but didnt smash into anythting at 70km/hr, and all of a sudden the servo started to gradually become unresponsive over the next few minutes Completely stopped working.

I opened the servo and it smelt burnt. ( see pic of chipset.... is that burnt you think - top left chip.... and if so is it repairable or under warranty ( bought rc in august 2016)?

The question i now have is,
Do you think the servo died because of the accident, or is it possible i fried the servo Due to the upgrade or all the above which put strain on the servo ?,
Is this even something to consider, or no chance an upgrade could cause this ?

I look forward to your advise and replies



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That servo is fried, call Arrma and tell them it stoped working, that is if it is still under warranty. Also are you still using the stock reciver if so then it might have just been a bad servo or the reciver got fried when you upgraded to 3S and is no longer able to regulate the voltage to the servo.
Just so you know a 3S battery and a brushless system is going to kill your Mega class transmission, you will need to upgrade to the BLX metal gear tranny.
Most brushed rc's will make that beep when the motor is engaged that's just how they work, brushless is the way to go.
Thanks for the response.
I dare say its only 12 month warrenty. Not sure to be honest.

Okay, will look into getting the metal transmission gears.
Thanks again for your help
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