Granite Bent GPM rear cvd?


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Hell all

A while back, I replaced the stock rear driveshaft with GPM driveshaft. I did this on my truck and my nephews. I noticed on my truck that on my left side my wheel when it’s turning looks warped or bent. I’ve checked everything, so I’m assuming something on that driveshaft has been, but I can’t see it by eye. What could have bent and done. You can’t replace just the inner or outer end and you have to buy a complete set. I was hoping to maybe just buy one, but it doesn’t appear that I can. And a full set isn’t cheap.

Thank you
If the wheel is wobbling it’s probably not the drive shaft. It could be the axle though, or the hub carrier or the wheel or even the tire itself. Only way to figure out is to inspect everything as you take it apart. Here’s the exploded view for the 3s Granite. Keep the link handy as you’ll need it. If you get stuck, leave another post in this thread.
I genuinely don't understand the love for RPM, their stuff bends, people talk about this a lot. Its known
They have good 6s bumpers and some other products. It’s just the arms that are an issue, I think. Some folks love them also 🤷‍♂️
Not RPM.
THE axles are GPM.

I'm assuming his phone autocorrected GPM to RPM.

You probably bent the stub axle.

Common with cheap Chinese steel parts.


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