Bent not broken?

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Arrma RC's
Need some advice. I bent a few parts tonight running into a mailbox post. See first pic.
Close up of damage.jpg
I can visually see the suspension mount bent and the metal piece it is connected to as well. What I can't tell is if the servo savior is damaged. Also, should I even try to bend these parts back or just replace the whole assembly (below)?

I am thinking replace the whole assy. since it is only twenty four bucks and chalk it up to a lesson learned?
Bend them back and call it good for parts that don't need to be perfectly true to function properly. They will actually end up stronger given they don't fracture on account of the bending (see work hardening).
The steering rack canbe bent back, but Voltage Hobbies sells one that is twice as tough as the stock. And if that servo saver doesn't come back, Hot Racing makes an aluminum version. I have both of these on my Kraton, and they work great.

Also check Ebay if you are just ordering that whole assembly. I bought the whole assembly from Lumidave35 for $11 shipped. I really only wanted the turnbuckles, balls and ball joints. Was cheaper to buy it from him than to buy them separately.
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Well I did buy oem parts in case I needed them and should have shopped around for better prices or upgraded parts like you suggested. In the end for now anyway I did not need them

Bent the suspension mount back almost flat and reassembled everything. Ran two full batteries through it after and all seems to be good

Still good advice for a noob like me to look for better parts going forward
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