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Whats the difference between the Big Rock and the regular Nero? I have been looking for a specific list, but can't seem to find one. I've seen something about the shocks i believe and maybe the axles. Im not 100%. I know some people recommend upgrading with some Big Rock Parts on their reg Nero, but I'm not sure what they are. What parts could/should be upgraded from that you can order straight from Arrma for the Big Rock if you have the regular Nero? Thanks in advance.
As far as I can tell, the driveshafts are "HD" the shock rods are longer, the rod ends are different. The only other differences are cosmetic.

Oh, and spring rate may be different.
The material of the body is thicker than "normal" Nero.
The BR has no "cover" over the front shocks underneath the body.
In the description was written something from "HD" but I really can not see big differences.
Also I can't see that the rod ends are different. On my BR I have the same "Problem" with them like the normal Nero.
They are to short and touching the rockers if the suspension moved completely out. Thats why I´ll expect that they will break in future.
I adjusted the end of the shocks already more to the middle. it will help a little, but it is not the solution.
In future I will change the rockers like the rockers from GKA; the other from ... was it hot racing?.. i do not like, because them just one layer and i think the screws will become bending. Also you will have a different force on the rocker bolts with one layer.

Theme Springs.... I could compare them with the "normal" at my dealer when I had bought my BR. I seams to me that they have the same length, but maybe the BR´s are a little harder. But I can not surly say that. At least I took the BR, course I like its look.

At least... Both cars are impressive and if you consider to run 4s, you'll have less problems.
6s will load the material much more. (be honest, I drive offroad mostly just with 4s)

That helps I guess. So there really isn't much I should buy from the BR in order to upgrade my Nero with then. I already plan on doing the Team Associated Rod Ends and the GKA Rocker Arms when I can. I was just wondering if there was anything that was worth swapping from a big rock to the regular Nero. I think I'll end up with the body from the BR eventually. I like that body better. Lol. Thanks for the info guys.
I don't know that there's as many failures w/ the rocker arms as the posts that the arms sit on. However w/ the aluminum rockers you may be able to clearance them out a bit more for clearance to the shock cup w/o loosing too much strength.
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Yes, I also like the aluminum rockers which designed from Greg. Maybe later on I will change to them.
In the Moment, I have to much "work" because my girlfriend an two of my colleagues had buyed also a Nero.
2-times with diff brain and one without.
The green one lost one screw from the servo link to the saver while his first run. It looks that the original screw was to short.
The "Blue Brothers" had no problem...

HD Axles, front, rear, center. I broke a U-joint on rear outer (inside joint) and bought the HD axles. The metal of the U part is slightly thicker, but mine broke the pin holding the U together, which is not replaceable, somehow fused together. Hopefully the slightly heavier HD version will hold up better, but HR just released upgrade axles, which are about the same price as stock HD versions, or less if you buy all the Arrma pieces separately to make the full axles.

Shocks are supposed to be HD as well, I haven't had the opportunity to compare, but the shock bodies I believe are the same, maybe slightly heavier gauge shock rods and better ends.

Not so obvious is the body mounts, the BR mounts are closer to the corners, which I believe helps keep the body from flexing and cracking, some say the body itself on the BR is thicker. Basically all the plastic pieces on the top of the chassis are different; body mounts (F&R) and taller roll hoop vs Nero cage. The bumpers are different to tie in with the realistic look of the body, and different tires obviously. I really dislike the Sand Scorpion stock Nero tires, changed to the Outcast Backflip tires.

Rod ends may be different, I haven't compared the part numbers. That is pretty much all.
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