Big Rock big rock upper front a arm

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what parts do you have to take off to replace it

the manual and exploded views are very up on it and give it a can do it...send pics as needed when you get stuck or are having trouble and we will be happy to help you out ..

be sure to check youtube. ..there are lots of vids on disassembly steps that may cover what you are looking for...

Tp-Parts Rc-Xtreme has loads of vids on nero/big rock disassembly...
sure wish I could see a video on this looks like you have to take the whole drive out ? I'm not very good with this stuff any step by step how tooooos thanks
Watch the Tp-Parts Rc-Xtreme video on youtube to see how the front bulkhead is removed. Skip the first part about removing the driveshaft pins and diff brain cable (not necessary for this repair). Stop the disassembly at the 2:08 mark in the video. Then you have to remove the pivot ball and hinge pins. That should be it to remove the broken arm. Reassemble in reverse order.


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You do not have to remove the diff drive, remove front bumper assy, front plates behind it, the wheel, pillow ball cap, then unscrew the pillow ball. Then remove the pushrod from the rockerarm then finally you can slide out the inner hinge pin. Reinstall everything in reverse of removal.
Awesome. Just got a big Rock and happy to see its not too hard to work on. :)

Hardly driven it, so nothing broken yet, but looks easier than my old E-Revo was!
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