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Ordering the Senton BLX .... somebody stop meh....

These wheels are nice - tall and slimmer than the sand scorpions for the Nero. I have a brand new set on the Kraton V2.


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Very nice! I spoke with arrma customer service about the BigRock wheels and they told me they where the same height as the sand scorpions. I guess not? I was thinking of getting them. how do they handle, considering there narrower? Is the nero more likely to roll on high speed turns? Mine usually just spins out or drifts instead of rolling. Also its very unstable/unpredictable in the air. Have you noticed better air handling with the BigRock tires?
They are exactly the same height as both the scorpions and minokawas. They are pretty grippy but if you are looking for a 120$ big difference like I was - no significant improvement I can see other than chrome. The scorpions are a bit wider - Going to put them on the Kraton V2

Don't waste your time if your looking for a big difference. Just being honest.

Also. When they come assembled CHECK THE SEAMS for missed glue spots. They only get larger. I re- glue all my sets after ripping so many sets of prolines with both the Kraton and Nero it's nuts!!!

As far as jumping - I'm sticking with the Kraton V2 for jumping with my ramp. It's about 5lbs lighter and just flicking the controller - flips it no problem. The nero is great in the air but for distance - not so much - flips. It really depends on how you jump. If it's a natural jump like a hill with a crest - the Nero just soars.


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