Blast mode, lack of power and ballooning

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Hi all,

I am new to the forum and have a new Arrma Nero with diff brain. Have been driving it for a few weeks and all good. Recently I accidentally kept on the power to the car and as it was against a wall. One of the drive pins sheared off and the blast mode (once I replaced the pin) was grinding and had no power! The store reset the diff brain and Blast mode now working, however there is significantly less power on full throttle and huge ballooning of the from tyres, including a grinding noise...all other modes are working fine with all the power. Please could someone guide me to 1. which gearbox is driving in blast mode and 2. maybe some clue as to what is wrong.

Many thanks in advance, Karl
many thanks for response and looks like a few hour work ahead...
Sounds a little that you´re middle diff is damaged. Or the servo is not working.
The middle diff is easy to reach. You have to unmount the bottom plat and then you will see.
In the manual is also an description how to do that. Also there is a youtube channel from a german guy which explained that step by step.
But.... it is quite normal that the front tires are ballooning in the bast mode.
Think about:
All diff´s open -> Blast
Pos 2-> middle diff locked
Pos 3 -> middle and rear locked
Pos 4-> all diff´s locked for crawling or ice and snow bashing! ;)

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