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Arrma RC's
I blew a tire today so had to make something else work till I get new tires also what size are the tires


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Why do you need the 1/2" offset ? Could I get away with a zero offset
I haven't tried the zero offset, but i have the desperado rims with the 1/2" offset and it is just a bit wider than factory, maybe 1/8" per side. So I would imagine the zero offset would bring it in too tight
I shredded 2 of mine this weekend.

from my reading, the stock offset is 0.25. All the Pro Line premounts are 0.5 offset which make the truck even wider
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I blew up my brand new proline badlands last night and stock tires a few weeks back.
None of them can handle the 6s power of this truck (tried proline truggy tires, badlands, and a few more)
Only tires that work so far without blowing up are sweep racing belted tires

I want those, but they are out of stock everywhere.

Has anyone tried taping the stock tires?

Tower and Amain sell replacement pairs for about $11.

FWIW, i shredded mine on 5S
I managed to get a set of Terrain far so good.

I also bought a new pair of the stock Dboots Copperhead's to replace my torn tires.

They had been $11 per pair from Amain and Tower for the longest time, then they jumped to $30 just as I was about to order.

I got them locally for $17 CAD but then they too bumped the price.