BLX 100 ESC punch setting affects Throttle switch?

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Hello! Still a newb here. I have a new Granite 3S with the BLX 100 ESC paired with a SLT3 Transmitter.

I wanted to test different punch settings and I'm pretty sure that I tuned the ESC correctly, raising the punch setting from the default Level 3 to Level 4. However, after changing the setting, the throttle switch/limit on the transmitter (50/75/100 TH/LIM) seems to have lost its effect having 100% throttle regardless of setting.

Is that normal behavior?
I searched and searched but did not find anything on it...
Well what do you know! I could have sworn I had tried but I did it again and it seems to have worked!! Maybe I didn't have the switch at 100% when I calibrated...

Thanks for the quick help!!