BLX 180 Motor Failure

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Has anyone else experienced this? My ESC quit working the other day on the 3rd lipo pack, and earlier today I was able to get it working pretty normally through disconnecting and rebinding. On my 4th lipo pack (Total since new) today, I noticed my Senton started having a bad delay in throttle response and I could smell electrical burning from about 20ft away. I ran over, ripped the cover off, and thankfully there was no fire. Upon closer inspection, I tried rolling it back and forth and I could see huge movement in the motor shaft. The pinion is chewed up, my diff. gear also, and it rubbed a bit of the motor/diff mount away. I just ordered a replacement ESC last night (So I wouldn't have to wait on Arrma warranty), and now I'm going to have to order a new motor as well or wait weeks to have the truck running again.

I finally got a hobby grade RC and it is a POS!!! I just want to drive this thing!

I ordered a HW MAX8 esc, and I am debating on which motor to pair with it. It sucks because I could have gotten an ESC/motor combo and saved a few bucks, but not now. And to think, i bought the Senton so I wouldn't' have to upgrade a ton of stuff right from the start... yea right.
Can anyone suggest a replacement motor?

Hobby wing?

Are they all going to be about the same?
The problem with the warranty claim is that I won't be able to use the truck for a few weeks so my immediate concern is finding a replacement to get me up and running again. I will file a warranty claim, but I damn sure will not rely on Arrma electronics anymore, even if it is an updated system!
I already ordered the HW Max8. It's in route, and part of the reason im pissed is because the motor in the Senton has now poop the bed, and I can't get an ESC/ motor combo deal. I have to buy a motor separately.
I run the Castle MMX/2200kv combo in my Senton. I had the MM2 in my Kraton. When I purchased both my ARRMA cars, I knew that the esc's were a weak link. The stock 2050kv motor on the other hand, is a very good motor. If you can find a 2200kv motor out of a Traxxas, HPI or Axial, I believe they are all actually Castle motors.
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