Blx 185. Where is it?

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Arrma RC's
  1. Talion
Anyone know for sure when we are getting these backordered esc's. 5 weeks still waiting. Any specs? Post what you know.
Wow. I don't lnow if i have the patience for this. I have too many other rc's that need a little love. I cant spend money on an esc knowing one should show up sometime. How is the Mx8 i have a savage xl conversion is like to do this summer
Still waiting for it to arrive
Cant wait to put it on my talion
Ill take out all electronics on this talion
Savox servo is next and the aluminum servo mount
I gotta say im a little jealous. Looks to be a pretty stout esc. The HV bec is nice. Wonder how its gonna handle the savox. I had to run a external on my sv3 with my savox before it quit centering proper.
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