BLX ESC issue

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Hey so ive had my Kraton for a few months now. Today was running on 6S and the truck suddenly stopped. Cycled the power and when turned on the ESC blinks blue 6 times, (for 6S i think) then nothing. The fan doesn't turn on, the Tx doesn't get power, the servo has no power. Tried 6 different batteries.

The ESC can and will go into programming mode, and factory reset does not work. Anyone ever have an issue like this?
Hahaha sorry but its funny to hear you say if anyone else have the same problem
Almost everyone have the same problem with the bxl esc
Call arrma they will replace it for ya
Maybe they can give you the newer blx esc 185

Welcome to the forum man
Blx really glitchy
Yea i Saw a bunch but wasn't sure, as most people were posting that the servo retained power or it would work intermittently.

This is just gone, nothing at all. I'll contact them, thanks man.
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