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I've seen a number of posts on this forum asking and talking about various issues that they experience with the BLX ESC that is installed on a few different Arrma models. The intention of this thread is to gather those random posts into a singular thread to assist future readers with determining the potential problem that they are experiencing.

Fellow members, if you have had an issue with your ESC and have determined the solution, please add a detailed description of your problem, troubleshooting steps, and ultimate resolution. @WoodiE or @Unusual RC, if we get enough different use cases, we may want to make this a sticky.

Here is an overview of my personal experience that I had with ESC issues:

Model: Arrma Talion BLX 6S BLX

Age of model when problems started:
<1 month / <2 hours' runtime

Type of driving:
In snow, no bashing

Type of battery being used:
LiPo 4S

Description of problem:

Initially, the Arrma Talion would stop in the middle of a run, the motor would stop and twitch for a very brief moment, the ESC would beep twice, then the motor would usually start working again. Over the next few runs within 24 hours from the initial issue, the problem occurred more and more frequently. Finally, the Talion simply stopped working. The blue LED would flash four times, pause, and then repeat the cycle (blue light is supposed to indicate low voltage). No motor twitch and no beeps. Note that during the whole process the radio and steering servo were working as expected.

Troubleshooting steps:

  • Swapped out four different LiPo batteries
  • Tested each LiPo with a voltage meter to ensure that they were charged
  • Checked connections, especially the T connections
  • Dried and cleaned all areas by the motor and ESC
  • Tossed the Talion onto it's haunches from 5 feet up (this actually worked a few times when it was still occasionally working - apparently, the jolt was doing something)
  • Let it sit overnight in a dry, warm space
  • Got upset and threatened the Talion that if it didn't work right, I would leave it out in the blistering cold overnight (yeah, that didn't work)
Actions taken:
  • Post-troubleshooting - called Arrma Customer Support, explained the issue, and they requested that I detach and send both the ESC and motor for diagnosis and fill out their form to describe the issue again.
    • I shipped both devices to Hobby Services (with a completed form) and it arrived there on January 4th, 2016
Ultimate resolution:
  • I received a replacement ESC and motor on January 13th, 2016 with the following notes:
    • ESC was found to have programming issues and has been replaced
    • Motor was making screeching sounds and has been replaced
Additional notes and/or recommendations:

I had no idea that the motor was making "screeching" sounds, so I'm quite glad that I sent in both devices. Also, even in the middle of their busiest time, they were still able to turn around the warranty service in one week (excluding shipping time) - that's pretty incredible!

Tips for other users:
  • Check the battery in the car/truck first - make sure that's not the problem
  • Check the wires and connections from the battery to the ESC to the motor - make sure that they're secure
  • Note if the ESC's blue light is flashing. If this is the case and you have validated your batteries and connection are not the issue, you may need to call Arrma Support.
good idea and good job spring! im with you!:)
i tink mine is in the middle of the failling process...he stopped and reboot itself like 4 times in under 6 second.think is time is counted :( well see
My electronics are currently in transit for the same exact issues. I thought it was my batteries but eliminated them as the problem. Very helpful spring! Thanks for taking the time to help the others who will be in the same boat!!:mad:
If the company is set up right, leadership within the organization will listen to the feedback that the customer support team can provide to them and improve areas of their product that are, well, "faulty." Anyone that has ever worked in some type of customer support role (phone, retail, etc) knows that these teams/departments are the eyes and ears of the company.
My Senton had issues also.
Was driving mostly in snowy areas, parking lot driving and jumping.
Running 6S, stock pinion

At first truck didn't want to start from a stop, so I would "push start" it. Then it just completely stopped working, within the next battery pack, was my 5th pack since new.
Then the ESC would just repeatedly restart, servo functioned normally.
Tried known good TX/RX, same problem.
Tried different batteries, same problem.
Tried ESC on different motor, same problem.
Tried motor on different ESC, worked perfectly.
Then emailed Arrma and they sent me a new ESC free of charge under warranty.

I'm hoping to replace the new ESC with something else (hobbywing Max8) and keep this one as a spare.

Hope this helps someone else solve the problem on their truck!
I bought my raider blx new for xmas and before I even got a try my esc caught fire, well lots of hot grey smoke and a little flame lol no burning inferno lol
I took it out of the box on Boxing Day after charging all my batteries ready to take her out for her maiden run lol
Placed in a Trakpower 6000mah 80c 2s lipo, turned on the tx then the car and it did its beeps so waited for that to finish. Tried the steering that was spot on so lifted the cars back wheels and gave it a little gas............. Nothing?
Tried this a few times off and on again still had steering but no go go...... Hmm annoying much!!!
So I tried another lipo a Floureon 2200mah 25c 3s. Powered back up the tx then the car but this time I heard an extra bit tune after the 3 beeps to say it's a 3s connected.
So tried steering, all good, throttle it's working YEY but very low sketchy power. OMG GRR LOL
So I try my 3rd different brand lipo a Bias 5000mah 40c 3s which didn't fit in the tray underneath the car so I had to just connect it outside of the car.
Once again powered up and it beeped away but this time sounded like it was ill and about to die then all of a sudden it decided to take up smoking and died lol
It's quite fortunate this battery didn't fit as the other two were properly installed which as anyone with a raider, not sure about other Arrma cars, but the battery tray can take a moment to negotiate let's say lol I was able to quickly disconnect the battery and ran outside with the car as I was on my dining table at the time lol
When it had stopped smoking and I had cleared the house of the thick grey smoke it had plumed out I sat to investigate what had happened while sniffing the lovely smell that stuck to my entire downstairs for a week after lol
The battery still had warm cables after 5 mins and upon checking the esc had most definitely fried. The positive wire had fused hard and been desoldered from the esc. The fan cover was also melted too.
Imagine the lipo had caught fire too I would have been clearing out more than smoke and a bad smell I think lol
I have read that the blx80 esc have factory issues and considering i bought a model from 2013 had plenty of time to recall and rectify rather than throwing them out to the public at the danger of injury or damage to property. I know they would say I should have had a high powered car indoors fully armed but where else do you do pre-pre drove checks lol
So I rang my local distributor and explained to the very helpful gent the short version and he just asked a few questions about the purchase and agreed to exchange on the warranty. I had to send back my esc so he could test it and would send me a new one. I rang on Friday 15th January 2016 and sent it back first class on the 18th January 2016. I've not had anything back as yet but hope to receive it soon.
Well there's my story. Hope you guys have had better experiences.
we are having the same problems first it was the senton ... so bad we cant keep it running for more than a few min. now the talion is doing the same thing... calling arrma on monday
my servo was swapped out 3 times, then finally put in a hightek servo, works great. now my esc is messing up after full speed runs, now I'm ordering the hobby wing max 8 for my talion. my answer to everyones arrmma electronics issues: replace the electronics..cause they have issues
In my opinion Arrma should be recalling all electronics and offering refunds for their dangerous electronics. I near had a house fire due to a dodgy esc or what ever is at fault that caused the issue. Some one is going to get seriously hurt or killed at this rate or at best a lot of ruined cars. Whats the point of buying an rtr if i have to change out the electrics as soon as i buy it or risk watching either my car or house go up in smoke? These things aint cheap and were paying for a repair bill.


Ive had less problems with my acme dune buggy, this thing got ran over and drove away yet i cant even drive my fiddlesticking raider with out it catching fire!!!!! Barely any spares available, limited hop ups, bad quality electronics and even though I dealt with a decent bloke terrible customer support!!!

So sorry fellow forum members just had to get that out as im tired of this crap now, im down 3 esc's and still waiting for my replacement arrma esc 3 weeks later. If I had an idea I may have so many issues with would have just gone for rolling chassis and stuck a castle system in it

Q.C. is a thing of the past unless your buying quality RC's, and those are expensive. Even A.E.'s Q.C. is on the decline.

Q.C. is a thing of the past unless your buying quality RC's, and those are expensive. Even A.E.'s Q.C. is on the decline.

I was under the impression Arrma was a good quality rc. The vehicle it's self is pretty good but lacking in so many other ways
My BLX 180 fried last week. I called Arrma and they wanted me to send it back so I did. I just got off the phone with them and they told me the BLX 180 was done and would be replaced by the BLX 185. They expected to have it in two weeks. The ESC in our Granite BLS went up in smoke as well, I just sent it back as well. FIX YOUR ESC'S ARRMA!
@Tincup - thanks for the info and welcome to the forum. Honestly, it's very encouraging to hear that ARRMA is doing something about the ESC issues that a number of individuals have been experiencing.
I'm new to the forum. On my second esc for my Senton. I hope this new BLX185 works out a little better than the BLX 180. Saw this on Tower Hobbies after Tincup mentioned it. There is no info listed yet.

Arrma BLX185 ESC

Sorry if the link doesn't work. Again, I'm new here.
I was just about to purchase a Kraton... I've never been a large fan of stock electronics but I've heard these have been pretty reliable and ARRMA has top notch support, but after seeing the BLX180 is no longer for sale and the BLX185 has yet to come out (and will take time for the existing inventory in their vehicles to sell) I've got to hold off. I got burned buying a Tekin RX8 then having Tekin come out with the version 2 a month later, and I'm not prepared to go through that again. I don't have any first hand experience with the BLX180, but hopefully the BLX185 will resolve what's out there, and maybe add some additional features. I emailed ARRMA and Horizon to see if I could get some further info... not ready to drop 5 bills only to have to warranty out the ESC or spend 2 more to upgrade it.
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New to the forum, I bought the Kraton and my BLX 180 stopped working on my second run after recharging the batteries, i only ran 4s, no bashing, ran it on pavement and over a little snow. On my second run (which lasted about 5min) it stopped about three times, beeped and started working again then the last time it did it, it just went into low voltage mode, i took the batteries out tested them and they were still pretty much charged but just to make sure i recharged them again which only took about 15mins. Keeping my finger crossed i plugged them back it in, i got nothing but the blue flashing led so i went to my local hobby store thinking maybe the batteries were no good, used theirs and still had the same problem. i decided to call arrma and they told me to send it back, it got there today so i'm hoping i can get the BLX185 replacement, i just hope they get in in soon because i called them today and they didn't have it as yet.

I will post an update once i get the replacement
I also had the same problems when running in the snow. .....I was about to send it in for replacement but before I did the info on the 185esc was posted. Now it's working fine snow...but I will send it back as soon as the 185s are in...
Got my Typhon last week, unboxed it powered it up with a 4s battery and all was good. Put it away for the next morning and now servo doesn't work. Called Arrma they said to send In esc and servo for evaluation. Was told hopefully the new esc's will be in stock the end of February early March hopefully. Frustrating having to have a car for a month without being able to have run it due to QC issues. Hopefully Arrma comes through. Car came with version 4 esc.
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