BLX ESC programming please explain

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Hi all, im new to the hobby and cant work out the esc programming.
As stated in other threads the manual seems lacking in detail on this topic.
Iv searched online and youtube and cant seem to find relevant info.
Iv got the car running and am 80% sure iv got it to factory setting lipo mode
Can anyone explain- how many tune setting there are?
How can i check what setting its in?
And wht is the 80% 85% 90% 100% part referring to in the chart? Is this power or breaking or what?
What ESC and vehicle are you having issues with? :)

Its the talion model with standard blx ESC.
The more i research the more i find people complaining about them:/

The BLX 180
Thats fine i just needed to go through the table again and play with settings. Thanks for your reply
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