Kraton Blx200 downgrade

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I bought a Blx200 when they where on sale for $51.Thought i would give it a try on my Kraton. Was using a HW Max8 which is the same as the Blx200, except it's not software crippled like the Blx200. With the Blx 200 you don't have a choice to run 5s,only 3,4 or6s and only 5 very basic settings to work with. My Savox 1270TG at 7.4 volts was impressive,but at 6v it seems anemic.
The Blx200 will be coming off soon,very disappointing.
The cap pack that comes with the Blx200, but not on the Max8.HW says when running 6s on the Max8 you should use a cap pack.My Max8 builtin caps where getting hot and the Blx200 caps where just above ambient temp so that was the only improvement,but not worth the lack of settings like turning off the lvc ( so you can run 5s)like you can on the Blx185 or Max8!
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