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  1. Senton 6s
I have the 200BLX(motor and esc) system now for my Senton. Ive mounted the motor, but the motor feels like it has WAY stronger magnets than the BLX180, and makes a much louder noise when I push it along the ground. I still need to solder xt90's to my Lipos and install the ESC, but since I've taken the motor off and on three times now Im just going to leave it to make sure everything else works. I thought it might be the 20 tooth pinion I had on there causing the problem, so I switched it back to the 16 tooth, but it still makes the same noise. Should I try using the Nero pinions? Any kind of suggestions would be appreciated.
My Big Rock is loud and clunky, and doesn't roll too easily either. I'd make sure your mesh is right, and run it.