BLX80 ECS reciever connector ripped off

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Hello wise men and women...I am need of some serious input...

This evening during some bashing my ESC came loose...(again, look at different thread about this subject)...And ripped the connector cable of the receiver clean off...See the picture below...

2015-07-25 00.32.04.jpg

I know have the following questions:
Could I get a new ESC under warranty?...Suspect a no no...But hey, I can ask...:confused:
Could I fix this?...Again, I suspect a no no...There's nothing to work with one the ESC side...I can ask again, just for the pain...o_O
What would be a good replacement ESC...For not to much money, because the coffers are a bit empty...I ask again...I must be a masochist... :eek:

Thx for your time and answers in advance...

aka Aflan
Call and make a warranty claim. They will replace it, just pray it isn't on back order. I would also request a new chassis as I assume yours is some sort of defect given there are no esc mounting holes.

Also, that esc is repairable but don't attempt it until the warranty claim falls through because it would certainly void the warranty. That black shiney stuff, called potting compound, can be partially dug out to expose the soldered connections for those three wires on the circuit board. Seal it back up once done with something like silicone or liquid electrical tape.
The Esc. is casted in a kind of resin after everything was soldered.
This could be repairable, yet very difficult to do so. That is the price you pay for splash proof electronics...:(

Try to make a warranty claim! Good luck with it!

Somebody earlier mentioned already that some esc. featured poor soldering..
Hopefully this is not another Arrma problem
Where would you make that claim?...US or Hobbico/Revel?...

And In the mean time...What would be a good replacement ESC?...

Thx for your time and answers...


aka Aflan
Look in your manual, it is different depending on what country you are in. In the US it is Great Planes.
Castle makes good products, but the price is accordingly...
Hobbywing is nice and affordable. But if you carefully shop at Hobbyking you can find good alternatives too.
But I if you are a HK novice, ask first here on the forum before you buy!
I am getting dizzy reading about ESC's, combo's, and programming cards...I am getting slightly sick...Because I don't really know where to start...:confused:
Anybody got a 101 about ESC lying around?...

(Child screams and vomits in the next room)...mmm...Perhaps the sick thing has another source...o_O

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The Jang from Ultimate RC has been internet greatest RC car evangelist by far!

I also benefitted from his tutorials and reviews.

Unfortunately his love for LEGO is bigger lately, and although never announced officially (as far as I can recall) there will be no more tutorials and reviews from him in the near future.

I do not blame this guy. He has been in RC for decades, and the attention for his LEGO YouTube movies is so much do the math ;)

Arrma itself started with tutorials back in 2011. But as with their own forum they left it. A shame since the original goal of Arrma was serving the entry level hobbyist.
That is a nice replacement, and as far as I can understand it comes with a programming box. That is a big plus!

All the numbers are pretty equal to the Arrma version:

2-3S lipo
2,0A BEC
Money wise I am now also considering these two...:)

I suspect I will also need a new engine when I buy one of these...And I am not sure if they are waterproof...

But I don't really now the difference between sensored and sensorless ...Who could explain this to me?...o_O

And again, your opinions, notes or other suggestions are welcome...;)
If your Arrma BLX motor is still good, it will work with that sensorless esc. too.

Both are not waterproof or splash proof.

Sensored brushless motors are the best you can get. Need special esc and motor. An extra connector between motor and esc. needs to be added.

Expensive and for bashing over the top!
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