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My youngest son is liking watching his brother play with the Fury. I was thinking about options for him and we like the Fury so far, though we may ultimately go the department store route for him at first,.

But if we go with a Fury, he would like a different color than his brother's truck and seemed to like the orange body of the Mojave.

Will a Mojave body fit on a Fury? What other options am I missing?
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Somebody posted in the member introductions that he bought four fury for the family and he put a senton body on his.

I saw that. It's definitely a nice alternative. I managed to get the last Orange Mojave body at Tower for $35 delivered (photo in another thread).

I will go with it for now. When I buy my younger son's Fury I will have a spare blue one. We will probably need it :)
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That looks great! Was it a direct fit or did you have to make some modifications?
Thank you. The rear holes were a direct fit but I had to make new ones for the front since the proline dimples were about an inch back from my body posts, I also had to take off both side bars and the rear bumper along with half the front bumper
I'm mounting Proline Badlands all the way around for mine. No sand near

I'm going to make it a nicer version of my real
Did a little bit of tuning to my fury, added headlights tail lights and a police bar. What do you guys think


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I like it! My son is always disappointed when we have to park the truck because its getting dark. May have to look into this.
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