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Hey guys got a brand new kraton took out for a little run and it was all over the place the left tireally is really towed out as well the fan sound's like a bearing is gone in it. Any suggestions is the fan sussposed to sound like that. See attached picture's for front end tow


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They normally have some toe-out to make it easier to drive. A couple turns with a turnbuckle wrench will get it all fixed up. Fan could have a piece of grass or straw in it, go over it carefully see if there is anything that'she stuck inside the fan grill. You can remove the grill, the 4 screws on top let's the top of the cage come off. Follow the instructions for removal and re-installation of the fan grill.
Thanks, do it come with a turn buckle wrench? If not is they a different tool ibcould use plier's etc.

Thanks again
Pliers will work as well. Normally there is a flat turnbuckle wrench included in the parts bag. Pliers will work, turnbuckle will get shorter or longer depending the direction they are turned.
Hey guys, I took my new Kraton into the Hobby shop where I purchased it and it appears that there is a steering arm buckled. I only ran the truck once as it is only a week old now on a flat ball field took some sharp turns and done some donuts the truck didn’t come in contact with anything to hit. I have to say I am very disappointed in the quality of the arrma products if simple driving will lead to damage I could understand if I hit anything or took a hard jump. I am not complaining that the part is not covered under warranty as it is only a 13.00 part just the durability of what I thought was a superior RC. I put my Tmaxx nitro through hell and never once broke anything. Makes me wonder once again about the quality. When I walked in to the hobby shop to purchase another RC I went to purchase the erevo but after listening to the sales pitch on arrma I decided to go with the Kraton as I thought I was getting the a superior RC boy was I wrong. I initially thought that it could have come out of the box like this but according to the hobby shop it didn’t. To sum it all up I am very disappointed in quality and durability of this product especially after paying $700.00 Canadian for it.
You took out the steering drag link? I've heard of this bending, but we are talking about a 1/8 piece of stamped aluminum. I only heard of this happening after a really massive front hit into things like tree trunks, really bad landings etc.

These cars are heavy and very powerful. Murphy does gets to them every once in a while.
Thanks for the reply i am not sure of the proper name of the piece but sounds right. I could understand if i hit something. Guess i am little sour at the moment.
Thanks for the reply i am not sure of the proper name of the piece but sounds right. I could understand if i hit something. Guess i am little sour at the moment.
Some have reported that the fastners on the frontend where loose,maybe yours was and came loose while driving?Can you take a picture of the part and post it?
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