Senton Brand new senton waiting to be picked up. Need to buy dust cover and battery adapter


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Hello everyone, I have officially just ordered my sons Green Senton blx 4x4. Pick it up on Saturday. I currently run a number of different trucks and brands and use the traxxas old style plugs (not ID). In order to run this truck with the current batteries that I have, what adapter do i need to buy. Is it an EC5 Male to Traxxas Male? also, can anyone point me to the best dust cover for the senton? I live in and my options may be more limited than in the US but if I have to order it I will. Thanks!


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Plugs in my experience typically work like electrical plugs. Power sources are female and devices that use power are male. Your batteries should have trx female connectors. You should need an adapter with a trx male on one end and a EC5 female on the other.

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