Outcast Broke my outcast

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Had my first proppa bash today on my 4th outing with my outcast on a bmx track..lots of air time (1st time for me lol)and lots and lots of bad crashes,backflips and perfect landings..only problem was the holder for the motor cables on the esc side isn't holding the cables, but it's an easy fix with a tie wrap...4s was good 6s was crazy but also more easy to control at times with the instant inputs changes..Every thing was great until I started showing off infront of the all the onlookers..did a massive jump landed on the back wheel and broke the rear right lower arm,I was actually impressed that I managed to brake something.every one who see's it loves the car,and can't believe how fast it is or how it can do flips and take the abuse I give it. My outcast puts a smile on my face even when I brake it.


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That's what I was thinking! That coarse looks sweet, makes me want to go bash the Outcast. Rain, rain go away....
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