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Wonder if anyone can give me opinions on fixing a simple but annoying problem with my RC. I've recently ran my Typhon hard directly onto a tree... I honestly thought the thing would've been cut in half based on the speed it bumped on the tree. However, to my surprise, there were absolutely no damages at all to the buggy. I was extremely impressed. The only thing I noticed was that the front body retainer (not sure this is the appropriate name, so forgive me), which holds down the body clip to the chassis, broke free from the chassis. So far I haven't figured out how it was originally placed in the first place (glued? maybe additional part in the bottom which held it it place and broke, getting lost?). I attach a picture of the part I'm referring to (AR320230 broke from AR320195). Anyways, I have since then super glued it back in place every time I want to drive it, and not long after running it breaks loose again and the front part of the body starts going up as speeds increase. Therefore, I'm planning on maybe tying it together with something as a backup plan, every time I take it out, until fixed definitely. The problem is, I can't seem to find what exactly I need to do to fix it (replacement parts? glue? other? how?).
I really appreciate any and all information I can get about this so I can keep running this amazing RC!
Thank You!


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Don't have a typhon but it looks like there's a screw (AR721312) under the red plate going into the body mount (it's called a body mount or body post).
If the hole in the mount is stripped, and it probably is, put some superglue in the body mount before you put in a new screw, maybe it holds.
Hello. The front body mount on my Typhon also came off. There is a retaining screw that holds it to the plate a mentioned above my post. I have put it back on a few times using monster glue. It still came off. I gave up. Instead of the front mount I put Velcro on the front of the body and the car where is says 6S on each side. This has been working great. The body says on even during many many crashes. That is an option...
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