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Yes, I wouldn't recommend their escs but their motors last about a year and a half for 30 bucks, pretty good deal. Just watch out because sometimes their motor wires don't come tinned and only bare copper makes resoldering a pain. You can solder the copper just takes a steady hand and a couple more minutes. Also the windings aren't as tight as castle so it won't be as torquey but it will goes as fast as the 3800kv.

I had a lot of fun with a gool rc 2200kv 3674size rated for 21v(5s) running a 4s lipo on 120a esc and geared it all the way up. Never gets warm.

Also used a 3800kv 3656size rated for 12ish volts on 14.4(4s) with 120a supercharged the ride...motor got real hot real quick....but it was fun...if I were ever in a race for "pinks" and I had a cheap gool around I would overpower it with one r two more volts than rated for...

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And here is my latest addition to this difficult topic ;)

I have been quite unlucky with my upgraded Mega Mojave/Fury.

First I went for the cheap Hobbyking 80A/3520kV 4-pole Esc/motor combo. At first it looked like good value for the money. Only a tat slower with equal gearing as my BLX version. And a bit less punch.
On dirt fully compatible, on tarmac noticeable less punch when running both models together.
- You need the programming card to get the full potential out or this combo
- It cuts off 2S lipo too late. Around 3,0V per cell, which is too low for my gut feeling. Not adjustable, so better use ni-mh
- BEC 1,0A at 6,0V output too low for stronger servo's. My Savox waterproof fried the first Esc eventually
- Not 3S suitable
- Latest update (Christmas 2016): the combo is not so cheap anymore

The second (warranty) unit I fried by accidentally swapping the poles in my hard case 2S lipo.
I did add a lipo alarm and a high voltage bypass for the servo, which was fried also by my stupid mistake :p

Next I reused the motor and bought a Tenshock EX4v2 120A 2S-4S Bec 5,0A 6,0V. Nice looking Esc, which gave the slowest possible driving speed ever seen by me with a sensor less system.

Unfortunately you also need the programming card to make it really work, which I had not bought initially.

Some regular visitors of this forum might have noticed I have been out for a while. Indeed I had no time for RC for more than halve a year. So I had this gear at home collecting dust for a while.

Finally the day came a full lipo 2S test could be done.
After 10 minutes the lipo cut-off stopped the car. Quite early compared with my BLX version,which I was running too at the same time.
At home I measured over 4,0V per cell, so something was not right.
When turning the system on again no beeps (which are made by the motor, no speaker), but the LED did work. I could drive very slowly and fast. But with extreme cogging from a dead stop to forward and reverse.
When bringing the kit back in the house it was connected to the lipo, but the switch was turned OFF. After 5 minutes I saw smoke coming out of the ESC. Dead!

Quite expensive and over the top, and after six month no warranty claim possible...

So I am back with this same question all over again. And because of living in Europe I have no access unfortunately to those cheap ebay US based bargains.

So please keep the suggestions coming.
At this moment I am considering a Castle combo 4-pole 3800kV or even 4000kV...


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