Brushless upgrade that wont break the bank

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I have a granite mega and lloking to upgrade to a brushless but am not looking to spend over 100. Is it possible to upgrade to a decent brushless engine and esc? Or should i just wait until i have the money for a castle. In addition is it wort upgrade the gears without having a brushless?
I say wait and get a hobbywing setup. It sensored and cost about $50 less the the castel setup. But will make the same power
What does sensored mean? Looking online there seem to be a lot of hobbywing combos for 80-150. Is there any kind, model, series, kv that i should be looking for in particular?
Sensored i think is for a smoother throttle. I say get one with the xerun esc motor combo
I have read numerous reports about cheap unsensored motors cogging like crazy at low speeds. I have a Castle Sidewinder SCT in my Fury now. It will only cog if I deliberately make it. In order to make it, I have to have so light of a touch on the throttle as to barely squeeze it. I would never try to drive it this slow as it's barely moving. However, for a crawler it would be an issue. Sensored motors should not have cogging at ANY speed but they are more expensive and fragile. The sensors in the bell housing can be damaged by impact and water. Cheap sensored motors are non-reparable.

IMHO if you're looking to spend $100, get the Sidewinder SCT combo from Tower Hobbies if you're in the states. Currently they are selling for $119 with free shipping and there is a $15 discount with coupon code bringing your grand total to $105 delivered for a high quality brushless system.
Thank you, that is one of the ones i was looking at, or the hobbywing

right now I am using a 2s but eventually want to try out 3s, btw what is cogging?
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Cogging is the stepping affect the motor creates at very low speeds, or if the motor dose not have enough power to turn the gears.
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