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Arrma RC's
  1. Fury
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  3. Senton 6s
i ordered a set of female xt90's to 4mm bullets to be able to use my lipo packs on my senton since it's such an uncommon connector on batteries. They took over 3 weeks to finally get them (shipper was from china) . When I went to plug them in to my pack with 4mm bullets it was too big. I have a 5mm pack and tried them and they were too small. I did what I could to try to make it work before breaking them and still don't fit. I left a message before giving them a bad review and still haven't heard anything. They were the only ones I could find so now I'm stuck with them and might just switch to ec5, or buy a pack of xt90's and make them myself. Seller is tigeryu-2010 item is "female xt90 to 4mm banana plug.
yeow just made my first purchase this AM - SPC batteries went out of business. so I found a 6S brick 5000Mah 60-120C 11.1v for 114$ ... sure hope no the google free coverage...
Im going to support Hobby Hobby , why not a real honest to goodness store. Otherwise we will all be online shopping with zero help and zero browsing places.
Ya I was there two weeks ago as I was in the area. Plenty of items for Arrma. They had a Kraton 8s on the counter for all to see. It was the black and orange. He never drove it . Sometimes traffic is a pain as I live in Bolton.
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