Bye bye Hoons

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Burned through a set of Hoons today circuit racingšŸ’Ø
I would presume at least 4-8 more runs with a good toe set.. hard runs at that!! Food for thought šŸ¤”
I'm a nutball when I run mine, and I bash it HARD. Balance all wheels. All toe, camber adjusted, and suspension tuned loaded with batteries on a flat counter to make sure all four are touching & rolling flat.

Coaching from SrC with the above, I even use a marker to put four lines across the tires equally spaced out. Then run it to make sure they all wipe away evenly to verify any areas are not touching. SrC showed me that as well.

2 runs with white Hoons, they are toasted...done! :LOL: Even the silver average the same. Adding this with a good setup rig and bashing at full throttle for only 7-9 mins on the Infraction v1, the best of setup tires will not make it that far!

I'm not like most so when I say hard... I don't let off the gas until LVC.
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